My Reasoning For Attending SEO Conferences

It makes sense that SEM and SEO conventions move along together as more and more of our lives move on the internet. I admit I have never been a fan of business conventions; in educating them, I don’t find plenty of value. I find that offline seminars are excellent if you are able to send a representative but I would rather spend my time on getting customers and developing my business. You do not usually find customers at an SEM or SEO convention; you locate advisers and other search engine optimization companies.

In the event you choose to host a booth for an seminar that is offline, you’re basically chained to this booth. I’ve done that before and was not able to attend a convention that was single! As the representative from my firm, I had been made to man the booth.

I am an advocate of conferences for many reasons.

1. No travel time or price
I work so a two or three night hotel stay, rent a car, and eat out when I needed to attend a seminar in San Francisco that I would need to reserve a flight. Add to that the price of many missed work days in addition to the price of attending the seminar, and I can be paying grand to attend. While my efforts might help just a bit (usually concerning branding), I could think of much more effective tactics to use that funding.

As simple as it seems, conventions that are online are online–that means they’re everywhere I am. I am able to attend the workshops that I need from the comfort of house or my workplace.


2. Session recordings
A good deal of search engine optimization conventions that are online will list their sessions and place them online for attendees. This implies that if I can not sit in on a talk, once I’ve the time, I will download the recording and see it. Online conventions ensure I do not need to pick and choose by documenting their sessions; once I wish to I will attend each seminar. I find this to be a point of distinction over seminars that are offline.

3. No work time
Going to some Best SEO conferences london that is physical means sacrificing days of work time. An search engine optimization convention can be attended by me or program my meetings I would like to attend.

4. Learning-centric
A good deal of seminars that are offline are all about networking. While it’s very important to network and create connections, I would rather spend my time studying new methods which may help my company grows. Most conferences that are online offer abilities helping you to join with attendees and the specialist.

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